Gynecomastia – How Effective is the Gynexin Treatment?

GynexinYou’ve probably seen a male with large breast. It doesn’t seem to faze you since it is a common occurrence on a number of males, mostly amongst the overweight. However, this particular condition has a name. It is referred to as either pseudogynecomastia or gynecomastia itself. These two terms refer to males having enlarged breasts, but the underlying cause is different. Pseudgynecomastia’s characteristic is fat deposits in the breasts, while gynecomastia is the excessive breast tissue that developed when the body has undergone hormonal changes. Treatments vary, but one thing that is applauded by a number of those who tried the medication claimed that gynexin works. Just like how weight loss pills take effect in a matter of weeks, the same can be said about gynexin.

General Information

Gynexin is a kind of herbal supplement that is claimed to reduce the enlargement of the breast that is linked with gynecomastia. In common terms it is referred to as “male breast reduction pills.” Although not approved by the medical world, a number of gynecomastia patients have claimed that it actually works, which takes on average around several days, but this depends on the case of those who are suffering with gynecomastia.

Pseudogynecomastia treatmentIngredients of Gynexin

Chromium is found in Gynexin, which is acting as a picolinate. This is considered as an essential element needed by the body. When working as a supplement, it is used effectively in medicine like for controlling the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. It is also considered as a weight loss supplement that helps reduce body fat. This is also used a lot by body builders and athletes. It also helps increase body muscles. Guggulsterone aids in lowering triglycerides and cholesterol to its normal levels, which aids in reducing fat from the body and improve weight loss. Other ingredients include green tea extract, which helps reduce abnormal growth in cells and swelling; caffeine is a stimulant found in a lot of drinks, foods and is also responsible in stimulating the nervous system, heart and the muscle system; and the theobromine cacao, the main ingredient found in chocolate that aids in stimulating the heart function.

 Side Effects of Gynexin

Just like how medicines have different brands, gynexin does not mean it is effective for everyone. It also may have some side effects, too. Since most of its ingredients are based on food and plants, the side effects may be similar to the side effects dealt by these food and plants, too. Men that are very sensitive to foods must take note of the ingredients found in this supplement so as to avoid getting allergies or any other side effects. Some of the reported side effects with gynexin include cramping or upset stomach. Another possible side effect is headache. These side effects usually last for a few days.

Gynexin is safe to use when they are taken the correct way – which is to follow the instructions indicated on the label. Just keep this away from patients that have heart conditions or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It will have a side effect on the body that is proven unsafe.

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